Contact us by e-mail for more information about our organization.  To inquire about joining CDSUA, contact the Membership Committee listed below.

E-mail Us

President: Peg Squazzo  MathTchrPeg@gmail.com

Secretary: John DeFlumer  jdeflumer@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Bill Levy  blevy9@nycap.rr.com

Capital Area HS Assignor:  Aileen Durrant  cdsbassignorbb@earthlink.net

Northern Area HS Assignor: Bob Bohmaker  bohm99@hotmail.com

Southern Area HS Assignor: Brian Skelly  brian.j.skelly@usps.gov

Rules Interpreter: Jay Miner  jayminer@aol.com

Membership Committee: Peg Squazzo  MathTchrPeg@gmail.com

Hudson Mohawk Rep:  John DeFlumer  jdeflumer@hotmail.com

Webmaster: Pete Lynch  plynch1@nycap.rr.com