Below, you will find links to other websites of interest and importance. You will also find links to forms containing important information about our organization, forms to report a serious injury in your game, tournament guidelines and some supplemental rules and policies to be used officiating games in our area.


NYSSO:    The New York State Softball Officials Organization site

Current Officials Agreement (Sect 2 Athletics) Officials Agreement 2016-2020

New York State USA  Official website

USA Softball Association:  Official website

Banned Bat list (USA)                                                                   

Hudson Mohawk: Travel League site

USA District 7 J.O. Commissioner   Dave Copeland

Pony Softball: Official site                                               

Forms & useful Information:

Section II H.S. Playing Rule exceptions: Run ahead rule and mdified run per inning rules 

NYSSO Interpretations Rules differences for use in NYS High school softball (Includes Blood Rule)

Thunder and Lightning Rule  Official NYSSO interpretation                    

NYSSO Liability Alert Form  Use this form to report serious injuries in your game

CDSUA Bylaws   Official bylaws of Capital District Softball Umpires Assn.

Aileen Durrant Award form    Use this form to vote for annual award winner.   You may also vote electronically via awards link at the left.  

Conflict Resolution Policy     Summer softball policy for conflict resolution

CDSUA Assigning Guidelines   CDSUA approved assigning policies

Tournament Guidelines   Guidelines for working summer tournaments

NYS Championships Umpire Application    Application to work regional and state championship High School games